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Online Marketing

Online marketing has the potential to increase customer engagement, strengthen brand loyalty, turn prospects into customers, and generate qualified leads 24/7.

The passive chatter of traditional advertising does not have the effect it used to. Consumers no longer simply receive marketing messages as part of their everyday activities, they demand interaction and personalized information from companies who want their business.

As a result, marketing in today’s social environment has made a shift away from relying solely on traditional media such as print, billboards, and television ads. Effective marketing campaigns now utilize interactive media such as web sites, digital videos, and social media to achieve their goals from raising brand awareness to increasing revenue.

A 2014 Google study found that 90.8% of people surveyed reported regularly engaging with brands online. ( Consumers are constantly searching for information, communicating with their social groups, and making purchase decisions from their laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Let our knowledgeable consultants work with you to develop or strengthen your web presence and win your share of your target market’s attention.

Here are a few areas of online marketing to consider:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At any given moment thousands of consumers are using search engines like Google to find information about businesses like yours.

Will your web site be found?

Search engines take the phrase a user is looking for and utilize a dynamic algorithm to return the most relevant sites to the user’s search. However, only about 10% consumers ever look at results past the first page. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your site more relevant to search engines by utilizing social signals, enriching images, with descriptive text,providing depth to user focused content, and many other methods.

By increasing your site’s relevance you will increase your ranking in organic web search results and ensure your business is found by consumers who are searching for information on your product or service. Our consultants stay up to date on the latest developments in SEO methodology and ensure your website is competitively ranked in search results across the web.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Are you looking for a way to increase your web traffic or direct consumers to your E-commerce site during a promotion? PPC advertising targets those interested in your company and conveniently redirects them to your company’s website.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising allows businesses to get more for their money by only paying a fee for an advertisement when a viewer clicks on it and is redirected to their website. The term PPC advertising is commonly used to refer to banner ads which are seen alongside search engine results or around the edges of websites. The type of product or service shown on the banner ad is based on the keywords the user is searching for.

This type of advertising also allows companies to maximize their ROI by tracking which keywords effectively convert web browsers into paying customers. This insight can then be used to adjust the campaign’s keywords and improve your PPC campaign results.

Our consultants can design a PPC strategy to reach customers searching for information about your product or service and deliver qualified leads to your website.


Email Marketing

E-mail marketing has similar benefits to traditional direct mail campaigns in that it allows businesses to target groups of customers or potential customers and deliver a customized message.

However the similarities end there as e-mail marketing requires only a fraction of the cost of direct mail and has a variety of benefits you won’t find with traditional mail.

  • E-mail messages can be sent out as part of a list message or can be triggered by specified buying behaviors.
  • Traditional “snail mail” is ineffective if the customer does not check their mail in time to receive the promotion. E-mails on the other hand, are instantaneous and many people receive them on their mobile devices.
  • Promotional offers sent through e-mail also have a higher rate of return than their traditional mail counterparts and offer a convenient direct link to your business website or e-commerce store which will increase the likelihood of a purchase.
  • Many e-mail marketing programs have the ability to generate analytics. This feature will allow you to track how effective your campaign is by monitoring how many recipients open the e-mail and if they are prompted to take action.

Maintaining an e-mail campaign is easy, affordable, and more effective than ever before. Have us plan an e-mail marketing campaign for your fellowship and start enjoying the advantage of these low cost, highly targeted, and timely marketing messages.


Social Media Marketing

Although it doesn’t cost anything to sign up for most social media sites actively maintaining them and creating relevant content that engages your target market will require hours of research, creativity, and interaction.

The rewards of a good social media marketing strategy are worth the investment. Social media sites offer free electronic word of mouth referrals when users share or repost your content.They allow users to interact with your brand and provide a personalized user experience which strengthens brand loyalty. Social media sites are also a priceless opportunity to gain insights about your customers’ needs and preferences.

Simply posting to social media sites does not create customer engagement and the corresponding increase in customer loyalty and brand interaction that you are looking for.

Here are a few tips to get the most from social media marketing:

  • Choose the correct social media sites to engage your target market
  • Use pictures and videos whenever possible
  • Post with the correct frequency
  • Maintain consistency with your brand
  • Coordinate with your existing marketing efforts

Do you need help navigating the uncharted landscape of social media marketing?


Our experts will help get you started with profile creation, plot your course with social media strategy development, or take the wheel with complete social media management. Whatever your level of experience is we will help make your social media marketing easier and more effective.


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