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About Us

Compu-Pro’s goal is to support and assist small business managers and owners by providing excellent business solutions. We deliver innovative services tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing needs facing our customers. We build value for our clients by consistently providing superior options and technological solutions. The unique support offered will help with the discovery and development of best practices for even the smallest organization. We can assist with basic daily bookkeeping functions to complex managerial decision-making.

Our experienced associates will use their specialized skills to assist clients in improving control of their business. This is accomplished by establishing systems and standardized procedures. These systems allow decision-makers to capture important data/information which is used for continued success. The variety of services we offer is in response to client feedback received over the years and is an indication that we understand the unmet needs in the market place.

Compu-Pro’s goal is to provide our clients with Innovative Management Resources that deliver tangible results. We provide this by listening to the information provided about your organization and strategizing with you to implement systems that are user friendly, manageable, and informative. Our wide selection of services was developed with our clients distinctive needs in mind. We have worked with a variety of companies spanning a multitude of industries and unique circumstances. From bookkeeping services to designing a complex system of hardware and software we are your “one-stop” location providing the value of timely information.

We can “Bridge the Gap” between trade knowledge and business/management knowledge by providing customized business services and training that empower our clients.

“Let us become your partner. We will work with you every step of the way. Our goal is to empower our customers not hold them hostage!” – David Williams, owner

Our Core Values

COMPU-PRO’s mission is to provide value for a diverse client base by delivering tangible business results. Our staff empowers businesses by assessing needs and developing strategies to implement efficient systems which provide information for enhanced decision-making.
COMPU-PRO Business Solutions will be recognized as premier developer of Innovative Management Resources enabling businesses to continuously improve in an ever-changing environment.
Compu-Pro agrees to provide honest and ethical value to our customers. Our talented staff promises to work tirelessly to meet all deadlines and “look-out” for your best interests. We are dedicated to providing clients with responsible information handling practices. As such, our staff will always comply with Federal and State privacy laws, as well as our own stringent internal best practices to safeguard your proprietary data. Additionally, we will carefully audit our work to ensure the integrity of your systems.
We know that the best accounting software in the world is worthless if it sits in the box unused. If users do open the box, they are likely to under- utilize their software. We will interview owners, managers and support staff to determine the way your company operates. We will then configure and customize QuickBooks to work within your business model. Finally, we will train staff so that they can produce information which is useful to the continued success of your company.






~ We support Mac’s and PC’s – Providing Client Value Since 2002! ~

Terms and Conditions

We provide a variety of programs to meet our client’s needs.

Limited Engagements/Projects – Projects are negotiated on a case by case basis. Our staff will do our best to minimize costs. We will always recommend the most cost effective options first.

Monthly Retainer – This option is available for clients with regular and ongoing accounting, bookkeeping, technology, and/or consulting needs. Retainers are negotiated with your specific needs in mind.

Prepaid Discounted Block Hours – Some regular clients find it easier to pay in advance. Clients can save up to 25% off our current fee schedule hourly rate, using this option. This is especially helpful for those industries that are cyclical. Time blocks can be purchased in advance, these hours never expire.

Additional Fees – Travel fees vary based upon your location and needs. Remote access services are available, as needed, for immediate critical issues.

Cancellation Policy – Please provide our team of specialists a 24-hour notice when canceling all scheduled appointments. Without proper cancellation, you may be assessed a charge of up to 2 hours of the associate’s time.

With Compu-Pro your data will ALWAYS remain YOURS. We pride ourselves in helping clients without strings attached. You will NEVER feel forced to retain our services. If at any time you need to make a change we will gladly assist during necessary transitions with the professionalism you will come to expect from Compu-Pro Business Solutions.

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