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You cannot shock our associates. Whether you’re still using a peg board system or file your receipts in a shoe box…we have seen it all. There is an appropriate accounting system for all organizations regardless of the size. We can help the smallest business create a system that will make tax season a breeze or help larger customers refine their systems.

Compu-Pro will make realistic, practical suggestions for integrating an accounting system that works for your organization. Our staff will build an accounting system to conform to your unique processes as much as possible. We look at the “big picture” to create a customized system which provides the necessary financial and tax information, as well as managerial information which is desperately needed to maintain and achieve excellence in the dynamic marketplace.

Sadly many of our competitors only consider an organization’s accounting needs when setting up accounting systems. While these systems satisfy the requirements for the accountants they sometimes neglect the managerial needs. Most systems are underutilized in terms of managerial information available and accessed. Compu-Pro’s professionals won’t let that happen in your organization.

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Compu-Pro is one of the few organizations in the Central Valley that supports QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Financial. We can integrate either of these products into your current system to provide better financial management solutions for your organization.

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