Should I build my own website?

I have encountered this question many times in the past. Most small businesses don’t have the funds to spend on a large custom built website so they often opt for a ready-made package or some sort of do it yourself package.   This is a huge mistake because these packages trap you into their product. Later when they raise the maintenance costs or you want to move your service to a new host, you can’t move the content you have worked so hard on. This is how they get you stuck. Your typical ongoing costs for a website with email will vary by supplier but range between $10 and $20 per year on a custom domain name and another $60 and up per year for hosting which gives you the storage to display your website and often comes with email accounts and storage. The upfront fixed cost is the actual site development (which if performed by a professional is owned by you). This includes the template/layout of the site with custom color options and also help in writing you site content and posting non-copyright pictures. Many developers are using Word Press which is an open source program with many add-ons; some free and others at varying prices. This type of site can be hosted on virtually any server and most web professionals can work on the back end with no difficulties. This allows you to change professionals as needed without interruption to your website.

The two main points I always consider are :

1) Will the end product be reflective of the image I am working to build?

2) Do I own the final product I have worked so hard to perfect or am I simply renting the product which will lost if I stop using that service.