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Backup Systems

Any back-up is better than nothing. But not all back-up systems are built the same or provide similar benefits. For a back-up to be effective the following must be in place:

  • The process must be automatic
  • Redundancy is vital
  • The backup should have sets or redundancy (iterations of files over time). If you get infected by a virus you don’t want to back-up the virus infected file over the good file and then only have the virus infected file on the backup. Need multiple versions of same file to protect your systems.
  • Must be an off-site system (not subject to theft/ fire/ water damage… etc.)
  • Back-ups should be encrypted or compressed (different format from the original) for maximum protection.

In the past, the companies who did splurge for back-ups used costly tape systems. These had to be manually swapped out daily and where cumbersome to recover individual data files. Today, as technology has improved, many businesses are backing up to portable hard or flash drives. The problem again, is that this process has to be manually controlled and does not meet all of the above criteria.


Online back-up services work much like traditional back-up systems. However, with an online back-up service important data is automatically encrypted and then transmitted over the Internet and securely stored in a remote location (commonly referred to as the “cloud”). This is usually done on a predetermined schedule.

The advantage of having your important data backed up off-site, away from your home or office, is that it’s safe from theft, fire, and other potential disasters. Proper online methods of data recovery decrease losses when systems go down. However, choosing the right system is vital as some services can be slow and cumbersome.


Compu-Pro will assist your organization in establishing the proper regular back-up procedure. Many businesses back up their networks but overlook the importance of proper back-ups of the PC’s linked to the network. Additionally, the back-up is just the first step of the processes. Can that data be accurately restored? Are all the files backed up properly and data verified? Are the programs backed up regularly?

Not all back-up systems are equal and many business managers and owners do not have proper back-up procedures in place. When equipment does fail, the results can be costly. Retrieval of data must be instantaneous to restore your critical processes faster so that the organization can continue to serve its customer base.

To improve the speed of recovery choosing a “semi-local” online recovery system is the best option. These services provide all the advantages of off-site protection but can improve recovery performance with on-site recovery alternatives when needed.

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