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Human Resource Planning


Human Resource Planning should be a part of your business plan. It is vital that organizations develop a strategy under various economic environments that help to balance the supply and demand of products and/or services.

No task is too small; Compu-Pro can assist organizations redesign their human resource plans or create and update company Standard Operating Procedures. Additionally, our staff can write and/or update Employee Handbooks and procedure manuals.

The challenges of keeping current of changes in this area can be overwhelming. Healthcare requirements, in addition to ever changing government regulations can be overwhelming to manage. Simple things like, overtime policies, mileage reimbursements, payroll reports and taxes, benefits, minimum wage, rules for sub-contracted work and overtime breaks can be difficult to track. These items, in conjunction to workman’s compensation coding and payroll compliance, can overwhelm a small business’ resources.

Many businesses struggle with defining policy for their organization. As organizations grow and change, creating written policy is vital for sustained growth and continuity. Let us assist you as you navigate this process. We also offer employee assessment that can assist with hiring and development decisions.

Additional Human Resource Services include:

  • Outsourced HR Services
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Job Descriptions
  • Cal OSHA Requirements
  • Workers Compensation Coding
  • Sexual Harassment Programs
  • Unemployment Requirements
  • Forecasting Labor Demand
  • Supply Analysis
  • Employee Assessment and Development

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