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E-Commerce Consulting

Would you like to offer your products online but are not sure where to start? An e-commerce site never closes and requires no employees to operate. It reaches customers around the world for no more than the cost of maintaining the site.

E-commerce systems have simplified selling online and made it accessible to nearly every business regardless of technical expertise. For a small monthly investment businesses can maintain an online inventory, provide product descriptions and variations, track orders, and sell through their own e-commerce store. The first question to ask is whether you will need a hybrid system or a stand-alone e-commerce system.


While a hybrid system may be appropriate for a small quantity of products for sale within a larger website those with a diverse product offering would be better off choosing the more robust stand-alone options. Stand-alone e-commerce systems offer superior options for managing larger inventories and are in essence a responsive virtual catalog which customers can order directly from.

A secure payment gateway is a necessity to authorize and complete electronic payments on your website. It is also important to utilize an SSL certificate so customers know their information will be safe when buying on your site. Many e-commerce systems conveniently allow integration with your accounting programs to simply tax preparation.

Our experts can identify which systems are appropriate for your business and can help you make important decisions like:


  • How will you deal with shipping? What options are available?
  • What payment gateway is right for your business?
  • Will this system integrate with your current accounting program?
  • Will customers feel safe providing their payment information?

Our attentive web design consultants will discover your needs and find the tools to best serve them. We consider your businesses unique traits and tailor an e-commerce system that will work best for you now and can be scaled to grow with you in the future.

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