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Successful organizations need owners and managers that are focused toward customer service, profitability, performance, operational excellence, cost containment, and more. Managing these multiple areas means that we operate under extreme pressure daily as the complexity of the dynamic marketplace demands more of us.

How can you capitalize on the opportunities provided in the environment when there are so many things that need attention each and every day? The answer is to focus on core competencies, the areas where you have the greatest expertise and strength. Then create the right partnership with Compu-Pro Consulting Services to support the unmet needs within your organization.

Compu-Pro’s Business consultants can help you manage the complexities and challenges so that you can capitalize on the opportunities available. We provide specialized knowledge in a wide range of strategic, technological, operational, and financial issues to provide you with the knowledge needed to bring your organization to the next level of excellence.

Let our experts assist you in developing, implementing, and maintaining Best Practices for your industry.

Our Human Resource Planning experts can help you identify your training and development needs in addition to writing job descriptions, creating or revising policy manuals, and much more. Strategic Planning is often overlooked yet the most successful organizations find that planning helped them achieve organizational goals that led to success.

Your management team will be stronger when supported by the experts at Compu-Pro Business Solutions.


Best Practices

We all strive to have Best Practices in our organizations. We can assist at any level of an organization to audit and suggest improved processes. Many of our clients feel that our services “pay for themselves” in the cost savings provided by our recommendations


Human Resource Planning

Compu-Pro can assist organizations redesign their human resource plans or create and update company Standard Operating Procedures. Additionally, our staff can write and/or update Employee Handbooks and procedure manuals.


E-Commerce Consulting

Our attentive web design consultants will discover your needs and find the tools to best serve them. We consider your businesses unique traits and tailor an e-commerce system that will work best for you now and can be scaled to grow with you in the future.


Online Marketing

Effective marketing campaigns now utilize interactive media such as web sites, digital videos, and social media to achieve their goals from raising brand awareness to increasing revenue.


Strategic Planning & Long Term Development

We assist businesses and empower executive staff to gain control of operational and financial data to become more profitable.

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