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Computer Hardware & Computer Networking


We can assist you in determining and meeting your distinctive IT needs. We have assisted many clients configure their networks, servers, and workstations for optimal performance, security and functionality. Our staff’s knowledge of QuickBooks financial software, and the unique computing needs of any size businesses, creates the perfect opportunity to understand your technology needs.

Let our professionals assist with hardware purchases, set-up and configuration; which will meet the needs of your growing enterprise. Our objective is providing realistic dynamic solutions that provide the flexibility needed in the real world. Changing computer systems is a complex undertaking which should be done with forethought and the expectation of reasonable growth and organizational development.

An overview of Compu-Pro’s Hardware & Software services is as follows:

  • Technology Consulting
  • Anti-Virus and Mal-Ware Detection and Removal
  • Server Configuration, Support, and Management
  • Network Infrastructure, Design, and Support
  • On-site and Remote Maintenance and Support
  • PC Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Anti-virus Protection Solutions
  • Software Training
  • Data Base Management
  • 3rd Party Software Integration
  • Security Systems
  • Online Back-up solutions
  • Web Hosting
  • Data Base Migration






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